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and Plashet School, St Angela's Ursuline School and Sarah Bonnell School.


The ESIP Forest programme was a partnership between three girls' state schools in Newham (Plashet School, St Angela's Ursuline School, Sarah Bonnell School) and Forest School, Snaresbrook, a leading independent school (

ESIP - The Why and the How

ESIP - What It Means To Me, by Munsifa (Year 8)

 ESIP has five aims:

  1. Develop resilience through challenge and support
  2. Inspire new interest in subjects and topics through original perspectives and depth, increasing ability and achievement
  3. Stimulate skills development for life, work and learning
  4. Support development and expression of aspiration and a lifelong passion
  5. Creating a movement of change to inspire schools, parents and communities

Our differentiators

  • This is a sustained intervention, working with students for three years. An individual workshop or short course might spark an idea but we follow through in the longer term for longer term impact.
  • Our content is academic and beyond academic, enabling character development and better cognitive processing. We dig deep. What we do enables  learning and development – the content of knowledge can be found elsewhere.
  • Small group, individual focus, highly nurturing, there is no place to hide. In some rooms there can be three members of staff and three mentors supporting fifteen students. That allows for an intensity of provision which if properly managed can have a significant impact.
  • Challenging, pushing boundaries and squeezing comfort zones to ensure development and progress. We accept that there will be failure and use this as an opportunity for growth - we sail close to the edge. We are judged on impact and change at an individual level.
  • A mix of schools and cultures. We are deliberate in our mix of cultures, faiths and attitudes and seek to grow from the experience, forcing a deep, continuous examination of different perspectives and attitudes.

 Our philosophy is centred on making the right individual difference, one child at a time. 

Leadership, governance and funding

The programme was led by a Programme Leader, Dr Simon Davey ( with the support of Savpreet Dhanjal (previously Davina Holder) of Forest School and overseen by a Governing Board - members of the senior leadership team (Headteachers and Deputies) in each of the schools.

Sessions are taught by excellent and passionate teachers from each school with external speakers contributing to specific sessions.

The programme was funded by SHINE, an educational charity, with additional contributions from the participating schools and private funders and foundations including The Ogden Trust

The session dates for ESIP can be found on the Dates page.

You can find out what our students (and their mentors) think about ESIP in the quotes in A Day in the Life.

The ESIP Governing Board were:

  • Dona Henriques (Chair)
  • Fidelma Boyd (Deputy Headteacher, St Angela's Ursuline School)
  • Sarah Heath (Assistant Headteacher, Plashet School) - previously Gerry Courtney
  • Penny Goodman (Headteacher, Girls School, Forest School)
  • Francisco Schreiber (Assistant Headteacher, Sarah Bonnell School - from January 2014) - previously Teresa Smith

Find out more about what we did in A Day in the Life