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The perfect balance

The Pathways session was a really great session, not only because it helped me a lot but also because it was a perfect balance of calmness and relaxation; motivation, thinking and learning; and then the challenging part of the presentation at the end. I can feel myself becoming a better person because of ESIP, and I feel so blessed to be able to take part. 


Clearer vision of what I want

"I have a clearer vision of what I want and what I am capable of achieving. I also believe in myself more. I have learned that for me, freedom, independence, fulfilling my curiousity and feeling is most important for my future. I am better at looking at the bright side, accepting negative situations and trying to work past them."

"ESIP creates a friendly and encouraging environment to help strengthen every student. You are really encouraging and inspiring."


Realise the potential I have

"I used to believe that I’m not capable of doing anything but ESIP has helped me realise my big audacious goal isn’t stupid and impossible but achieveable. I have learned that once I do something I can do it many more times without feeling nervous like before. I am better at sharing my views and presenting my ideas."

"ESIP has really helped me realise the potential I have and that my goals aren’t stupid and impossible but achieveable."


Realise a lot of things I didn’t before

"I’ve learnt about what type of person I am and I’ve realised what kind of person I want to become and what I need to do to get there. I am better at planning and thinking ahead. I’ve developed some confidence and I’ve socialised and talked to people I’ve never met before."

"ESIP has helped me realise what my goals are and how I achieve them. You’ve made me realise a lot of things I didn’t before."


Even though I feel scared I can

"I have learned that if I try then I would be able to speak in front of people more confidently. I am more confident."

"Even though I feel scared at first I can speak in front of everything."