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and Plashet School, St Angela's Ursuline School and Sarah Bonnell School.


Why this matters and why we need you

  • Imagine being ‘clever’ without the confidence to use it - “People can have great potential but if their fear of communicating to others overpowers them they will not be noticed. Thank you for helping me overcome this.” (Year 8 student)
  • Imagine being ‘hopeful’ but with limited expectation - “The only one who didn’t believe in her was herself. Her inner confidence and self esteem were low. Now she has adopted a ‘not sure if I can do it but I am going to try’ attitude.” (Mother)
  • Imagine being a ‘trier’ without the resilience to see it through regardless - “She is more resistant and more determined now. When she starts something she has to finish it.” (Neighbour)

Some key stats

  • Only 17% of FSM (free school meals) pupils go on to higher education (compared to 52% of all school leavers) [ Department of Education, 2011 figures]
  • Only 1% of FSM students go to Russell Group (the elite) universities (compared to 8% of all school leavers)
  • Only 34% of barristers are women
  • Only 6.6% of FTSE100 directors are women

ESIP is a three year package of tailored support and intervention to raise the ceiling of ability and belief and to strengthen the character of girls from economically disadvantaged areas. We provide class sizes of 16 or less, two teachers per classroom and one mentor for every five girls.

Without your support these girls would not have these opportunities. They will still be bright but those lacking confidence, resilience and belief rarely make it to the top let alone stay there. Turn dreams into realities. Help turn a girl’s ordinary future into her changing the world. Help us change things, one girl at a time. Support us now

What Do People Say About ESIP?

"ESIP empowers capable young women to realise their potential through a high quality, sustained partnership with schools.  It targets high achieving girls from state schools across Newham, who are interested and motivated at school, but who lack access to the breadth or quality of educational opportunities available to their wealthier peers. Through rigorous assessment criteria, structured learning opportunities and an unrelenting focus on evaluation and best practice, ESIP creates a supportive learning environment in which able girls from disadvantaged backgrounds can thrive academically at school, and be empowered to know where they are going when they finish." SHINE: Support and Help IN Education (funder)
“Emerging Scholars (ESIP) is a key intervention for building resilience and confidence at a fundamental time in young people's lives. We often find individuals in organisations increasingly have to cope with change, uncertainty and stress. Those who cope well are the ones who have integrated positive habits and coping skills into their lives. Equipping people with the ability to cope, deal with set-backs, manage their emotions and understand others early on in life is fundamental if we want to develop resilient work-forces into the future.” Alex Davda, Researcher and Consultant at Ashridge Business
"It’s been nothing short of inspirational to see ESIP students demonstrate their determination, positivity and application in each of the activities attended and run by members of the Thames Tideway Tunnel project team. Judging from the students’ own feedback the programme is having a marked impact on their aspirations and motivation. I hope the scheme continues to thrive and that many more bright, young women in Newham will have the benefit of experiencing everything ESIP has to offer."
Scott Young, Education and Community Investment Executive, Thames Tideway Tunnel